Diesel Mechanics

Road Runner Mechanical is very committed to Geraldton's success and have numerous sponsorship of sporting clubs and other organisation in place.

Training of Apprentices is a high priority and we employ a minimum of one new Apprentice per annum.

We are committed to our customers. Our priority is to make sure every customer leaves satisfied that we have done our very best for them.

Our staff are a huge part of our business and we try to have very happy people working on your vehicle.

We realise every customer has different needs in regards to Mechanical servicing so we try to deal with people on an individual basis. We will do what you want as long as your vehicle is safe and sound when it leaves our workshop.

All of our employees are trained to a high standard of occupational health and safety. 

We try to change the stereotype of Mechanics as being rip-off merchants. We take the mystery out of Mechanical repairs by including the customer in decisions about their vehicle.

Our invoices detail every part used and break down the labour component to specific areas. This enables our customer to understand exactly what they are paying for.

We do not use the clock on/cloack off style billing. Sometimes jobs overrun for various reasons. If a job takes longer than it should because an Apprentice is being trained on a job; you only pay for the time the job should take.

Give us a try and we will do our utmost to make you return the next time you are in need of Mechanical servicing.