Diesel Mechanics
Labour Hire


Long term maintenance personnel available.

Short term hire of qualified Tradespeople.

Customers needs are met with specific tailoring of supply of correct Mechanics rather than trying to recruit Mechanics who are unsuitable.

Use long term maintanance planning. Companies use our experience in the Mining & Road Transport industries to tailor correct Mechanical plans rather than operate on a breakdown mentality.

Mechanics supplied with fully equipped service vehicle if required.

Mechanics can be rostered in conjunction with other personnel rosters. Fly in/out of Perth or Geraldton to any location.

Companies can access workshop in Geraldton to back up their maintenance. For example - they may wish us to supply spare parts support for their operation.

We offer complete service and support for our Mechanics, or will supply Mechanics who are completely under the control of your company. The choice is yours.

Take away the nightmare of recruiting the wrong people. Our Mechanics are qualified Tradespeople who understand preventative maintenance. They are prepred to make the correct decisions. All are fully insured and all have a wide range of experience.